Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt

Product Description:

The Buck Camp Flannel Shirt is 100% cotton, and is styled for a relaxed fit. It can be worn by itself indoors, or as part of a layer of shirts for more warmth outside. The collar and cuffs are lined with corduroy, which helps the shirt fabric to hold its shape. Comes in 21 different colors.

The main criticisms found in the customer comments are: (1) the material shrinks the first time it is washed, which is normal for flannel, and (2) the material is quite thin, so it doesn’t keep you warm when worn by itself, but is actually an advantage when layered with other shirts.

Overall, however, this flannel shirt is the #1 Best Seller in Men’s Casual Button-Down Shirts on Amazon.

Price: $29.99

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