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Mini drone - Altitude HoldMini drone Package


Meet HS210 – 0:34
Two teenagers fly their mini drones indoors
The Night Elf – 1:52
Jay Drone goes through what’s in the mini drone package
Drone Flight Review – 7:47
Jay Drone shows what the mini can do in his back yard
Super Zippy Indoor Flyer – 13:06
MooDog gives details, then flies around indoors

The Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone is great for kids, or for beginners of any age. It has a flight time of 21 minutes, so there’s lots of time to have fun. And there are plenty of things to try. Just watch the videos!

Since I have never even seen a drone myself, I researched them online. There are disadvantages to using larger drones. A serious crash could total the drone, and it’s illegal to fly them in many places.

So if you’ve never used one before, I recommend starting with a mini drone. You can have lots of fun learning how to fly it, both indoors, and around your back yard.

Price: $25.19

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