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Polyhedral Dice with Storage Tin

Product Description:

Polyhedral Dice, by Forged Dice Co., are a set of 7 dice in a foam-lined storage container. Besides being a thing of beauty, the dice can be used to play Dungeons and Dragons, or other role-playing games such as Pathfinder of Warhammer.

There are over 60 different types of aluminum/zinc alloy dice sets in a variety of finishes and colors. Each set consists of seven standard-size polyhedrons. The geometric figures used for the dice are the Platonic solids, and two decahedrons out of the many possible choices.

The Platonic solids are the only five solids that can be constructed with identical faces of equal sides. They are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron (12 faces) and icosahedron (20 faces).

That being said, I think you will find that the polyhedral dice will be an asset that you can’t afford to pass up. If you’re not impressed with their beauty, you will certainly find them an worthwhile introduction to role-playing games.

Price: $25.99

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