Tiny Brass Telescope

Brass Telescope

Brass Telescope Description:

This Tiny Brass Telescope is only 3 inches long when it’s thoroughly extended. And you won’t believe the clear image you get if you can hold it still without shaking. It is focused by adjusting the eyepiece.

Price: $6.94

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Chad’s Review    November 18, 2018

Brass Telescope Keychain Fob

When I began refurbishing this website, I made it a policy to be absolutely honest in my description of its products. Whenever practical, I purchase these products, and evaluate them personally.

The Tiny Brass Telescope caught my eye 3 years ago, and I thought it would be a unique and interesting gift. I bought one myself recently. The description above, which I wrote back then, is still accurate, except that it cannot be focused using the eyepiece. However this isn’t important, since it’s always in focus.

In my opinion, the telescope is well constructed, but not useful as a telescope, since it does not magnify significantly. However, you could use it as a keychain fob, or even as a pendant for a necklace.

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