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Recently, we detected a new interest in this old blog, so we have decided to spruce it up a bit, in hopes of spurring this interest for Christmas 2020.

We are happy with the posts that remain after our purge of two years ago. They were well constructed, and interesting to read — with picture galleries and even videos, when available. So we merely updated the information ( and prices ).

Chad Melius - Owner, Christmas Gifts For Men
Chad Melius, Owner
Christmas Gifts For Men

We will add to these on a more regular basis, as we run across products we think are worthwhile. So check back frequently. Or, better yet, subscribe to our mailing list, or subscribe to our RSS Feed, or even follow us on Facebook. The links are there – use them. And by all means, use our Contact Page to let us know how we’re doing!

~ Chad Melius

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